• Refrigerated Single Door Fridge

Refrigerated Single Door Fridge

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Fridge for single door; 3 pieces gn 2/1 interior shelve emp.70.80.01-sta working temperature; 0º c , + 5º c (at ambient temp. 43º c) - 220 v-230 v -1 +n -50 60 hz electrical power. - cfc free , r-134 a gas. - 40 kg/m3 density. - electronic temperature and defrosting control and display - automatic evaporation of water during defrosting - removable,conditioning compressor - static cooling. - ozone-friendly 48 mm thickness polyurethane isolation. - self closing doors - copper tube evaporator with aluminum fins - stainless steel body.
Refrigerated cabinets ( single door)
Width 700mm
Height 2050mm
Dept 800mm
Capacity 700ltr
Weight 130kg
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